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As spring and summer approach, now is the perfect time to plan, design and create the outdoor patio you’ve been imagining. Spending quality time with family and friends will finally become a reality.

Whether you envision a backyard with a spacious porch or a balcony with landscape views, high-quality outdoor furniture can transform any space into a relaxing, stress-free lounging area.

Suncoast Furniture shares five essential must-haves when planning, designing and creating the perfect patio.

1. Seating

Summer Upholstered

Whether planning for a patio, porch or yard, start designing the main seating area first, following with seating arrangements for outdoor lounging, fireside unwinding, and poolside relaxing.         

Seating options to consider include outdoor couches and benches for the ideal number of guests.

2. Tables

Outdoor table can be simple, stylishly designed, and versatile. Selecting the right table will go a long way for an outdoor space.

While planning, consider the amount of space a table will occupy and. what elements it could potentially be exposed to

3. Pillows

Pillows, a must for any outdoor furniture set-up, provide comfort and relaxation. Furnishing sufficient pillows for each seat will keep chilly nights cozy and stress-relieving.

Pillow options include easy cleaning, durability from the elements, and stylish design. Comfortable cushions ensure guests will visit more often and stay longer.

4. Umbrellas and Accessories

With spring and summer approaching, time spent outdoors drastically increases. Provide protection from the sun’s UV light with the shade from a patio umbrella.

Patio umbrellas are available in different styles and materials with several different optional features. Though various factors should be considered, your home, environment, and budget are top priorities.

Once the style and size of a patio umbrella has been determined, selecting a proper stand or base is next. Umbrella bases provide support to keep umbrellas stable and upright under calm conditions.  

5. Seating Focal Points

After arranging patio necessities and accessories, the last essential is determining a focal point. Focal point setting significantly impacts the purpose of an outdoor patio. A yard with an amazing backdrop showcases a landscape’s natural beauty.

Focal points like fire pits or pools with complete seating, umbrellas and other accessories to provide shade and comfort will complete an outdoor patio.

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