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Choosing the best outdoor furniture material is based on the factors of lifestyle, weather conditions, durability, price, and overall looks.

1. Aesthetic Looks

Trendy and stylish design furniture with high-quality material can make an appealing and relaxing outdoor space ambiance.

2. Comfort

For relaxing moments in the morning or unwinding after a long day where you can comfortably sit and lounge on. The right outdoor furniture material can make or break longing moments.

3. Convenience/Adaptability

An ideal choice for frequent arrangeable furniture, easy and light-weight to move. 

4. Durability

Best furniture investment should have long-life span use with low maintenance.

5. Price

While it is hard to look for cheap-price furniture that can last years, however, a lot of furniture dealers willing to offer affordable prices with high-quality materials.    

6. Weather Conditions

Some certain materials are durable and strong for weather elements while others are not. However, it depends on the local climate.  


Cast Aluminum – durable against weather elements

Acrylic Plastic – waterproof and moisture resistant


Marble – resistant against high winds

Aluminum – strong enough for winds


Cast Aluminum – endures long-standing sunlight and heat

Acrylic Plastic – sun-fade resistant


Types of Materials

1. Synthetic Resin

One of the best materials for outside furniture. Although, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wickers are not cheap, but are made of high-grade durable materials, light-weight, and easy to clean.


Wicker Collections

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2. Fabric

Upholstered outdoor furniture, the most comfortable and relaxing choice. Water-resistant synthetic fibers like vinyl, polyester, and acrylic are weather-proof, resistant to sun fade, moisture, and other outdoor elemental damage.

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3. Cast Aluminum

The best outdoor material for chairs, lightweight and easy to move around. Though fragile-looking in appeal, it’s durably strong and heat resistant.


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4. Marble

Marble tabletop is one of the most popular materials. Flexibly beautiful with any décor, especially for dining tables or end tables. Classic-looking, time-tested lifespan, and an all-around-styled material.


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5. Acrylic Plastic

The most common material for outdoor furniture. Can withstand weather elements, more durable, and stronger than glass. Best choice for restaurants and other businesses having outdoor settings.

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Below, Suncoast Furniture’s material types with different factors checklist to consider for your outdoor furniture: 

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