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At Suncoast Furniture, we take immense pride in crafting pieces that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also stand the test of time, Florida’s weather, and the rigorous demands of commercial use. Every piece of furniture is born from a combination of top-notch materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and skilled American craftsmanship.

Aluminum Extrusions Furniture in Florida

The Design Process

Our creative journey begins with our talented designers who focus on integrating comfort and durability into every frame. Suncoast’s designs feature a unique curve in each chair back, ergonomically engineered to provide lumbar and shoulder support for optimal seating comfort. With distinct seating styles—cushion, sling, basket weave, and strap—we ensure a variety of preferences are catered to.

Quality Platinum Bond Finish

Post-design, our frames undergo our exclusive Platinum Bond finish process. This involves two coatings of polyester powder, creating a finish that won’t rust or peel. This finish is three times thicker than traditional paint and offers superior durability.

Platinum Bond Pretreatment Spray Washer
Suncoast Furniture Stainless Steel Bolt Comparison

Quality Aluminum Swivel Mechanism & Stainless Steel Hardware

Our chairs are designed with a smooth rocking motion, courtesy of two fiberglass springs attached to an aluminum mechanism. Since aluminum doesn’t rust, this ensures longevity. Additionally, we use stainless steel nuts and bolts for movable parts, ensuring they won’t rust or become wobbly over time.

Comfortable Cushions and Straps

All Weather Cushion Filling
Comfortable Seating Lumbar Support

The comfort journey continues with our cushions, constructed with thermal bonded polyester fiber for maximum comfort, firmness, and resilience. We pay careful attention to the strap spacing, offering 11 straps on the high back chair, the most in the industry. These 100% virgin vinyl straps with ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors provide unsurpassed comfort and durability.

Durability, Built Into Every Frame

Rosetta Cushion Set
Suncoast Furniture Pools Chaises Grandezza Country Club

The durability of Suncoast furniture lies in our choice of materials and techniques. Our heavy gauge aluminum frames are built to last. Hand welded with our special heli arc equipment, the welds are full circumference, ensuring years of carefree enjoyment. To eliminate strap pull-out, straps are held in place by nylon rivets, covered by a full double wrap of strap at each end. Our slings are double stitched, making them more durable and longer-lasting.

Customized Frames & Fabrics

Choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics to customize your furniture and complement your decor. Visit your authorized dealer to view our complete selection of frames and fabrics.

Lead Times and Delivery

Suncoast is proud to announce that our lead times are now 8 weeks for standard orders (200 pieces and under) and up to 10 weeks for larger orders (over 200 pieces).

From initial design to final delivery, every step of the process reflects Suncoast’s commitment to quality, durability, and comfort. Our commercial-grade aluminum outdoor furniture is more than just a product; it’s a testament to American craftsmanship.

Suncoast Outdoor Patio Furniture is handcrafted in the U.S.A. using the finest materials, latest manufacturing techniques, and skilled craftsmanship. To discover more about custom outdoor furniture, call Suncoast Furniture at 239-488-1444 or connect with us online today. You may also visit our nearest local dealers to you.