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Suncoast’s furniture is handcrafted in Fort Myers, Florida.

We combine the finest materials, the latest manufacturing techniques, and skilled craftsmanship to provide you the best value for outdoor furniture.

Aluminum Extrusions Furniture in Florida

Longer Service Life and Lower Cost of Ownership

Our all-aluminum frames are built to last. Unlike many manufacturers, we use heavy gauge extrusions with internal strengthening ribs in proprietary configurations to provide increased strength. Aluminum is a material that is light weight, strong, and highly corrosion resistant. It is 1/3 the weight of steel and wrought iron and won’t rust.

Powder Coated Finish That Looks New for Years

Our aluminum furniture frames are prepared using our exclusive multi-step Platinum Bond™ powder coating process. The entire process is environmentally friendly with no heavy metals in the waste stream.

Conveyorized metal pretreatment– After sanding, the furniture is placed onto an automated conveyor to pass through a four-stage chemical spray wash system.

Platinum Bond Pretreatment Spray Washer

Conveyorized metal pretreatment

After sanding, the furniture is placed onto an automated conveyor to pass through a four-stage chemical spray wash system.

Stage 1

Surfactants and acid cleaners in the first stage remove oil and dust and etch the surface to increase the surface area to the substrate. This provides a tight bond between the aluminum and powder coating.

Stage 2

The second stage is a fresh water rinse to remove the surfactants and acid from the previous stage.

Stage 3

The third stage is another rinse; this time with reverse osmosis water. This water leaves the surface free of all impurities. Suncoast is unique in the industry for utilizing a rinse with such purity.

Stage 4

The fourth stage applies a zirconium polymer sealant and corrosion prevention coating to the surface. This dry in place coating promotes adhesion and offers superior salt spray corrosion resistance when compared to phosphate based coatings.

Drying Oven

The conveyor moves the furniture though a convection oven where streams of hot air thoroughly dry the zirconium polymer sealant onto the surface of the furniture.

Powder Coating

After the furniture is dry, it passes through our powder coating booth.  Two coats of TGIC polyester powder are applied using electrostatic spray guns.  Powder coating is three times thicker than paint and more durable.  

Curing Oven

The furniture passes through an elevated cure oven that operates at a temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit. It is here that the magic of powder coating takes place. It changes from a dry powder to the desired glossy smooth or textured finish. The color also changes dramatically; we see the multi-color finishes appear. The power melts and flows into the etched surface created in the pretreatment washer. After curing, the powder is now permanently bonded to the aluminum.

Platinum Bond Pretreatment Spray Washer

Attractive and Durable Slings

Double stitched slings lock together the outer vinyl jacket of each fabric strand and lock the inner acrylic core, making slings longer lasting. Suncoast slings are among the tightest slings in the industry. This keeps your slings taut and sag-free for many years.

Our custom sewing guides allow our operators to produce slings of constant width with tailored seams. Unlike our competitors, you won’t find raw edges on our sling seams.

Suncoast Furniture Double Stitched Slings
Suncoast Furniture Customizable Frames and Fabrics

Customizable Frame Finishes & Fabrics

A wide range of colors and fabrics allow you to customize your furniture, to complement your decor. We use only outdoor duty fabrics made in the USA from synthetic materials. Vinyl coated polyester fabrics made by Phifer and Twitchell are used for our slings and Sunbrella fabrics for cushions and slings. Whatever your needs, we have frame finishes and fabrics that fit them.

Double Wrapped Vinyl Straps Stay Locked in Place

Suncoast uses 2” wide x 1/8” thick, 100% virgin vinyl straps with integrated ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors, allowing for longer lasting colors and greater mildew resistance. Vinyl straps are double wrapped and held in place by solid nylon rivets. This extra wrap protects the rivet and keeps it firmly in place. Note that all Suncoast straps are California Proposition 65 safe.

Double Wrapped Vinyl Straps
Welded Riv-Nuts Outlast Other Fasteners

Welded Riv-Nuts Outlast Other Fasteners

Suncoast’s sling furniture uses rivet nut attachments that are made from solid aluminum and welded into the furniture frame. These are much stronger than the thin steel or aluminum rivet nuts used by our competitors.

Easily Replaceable Stainless Steel Hardware

We use only stainless steel bolts, screws, and nylon locknuts in our furniture. Stainless steel will not rust or become wobbly like the aluminum fasteners used by other companies.

Replacement fasteners are readily available from Suncoast or your local hardware supplier.

Suncoast Furniture Stainless Steel Bolt Comparison
Unbreakable Bond

Unbreakable Welds

Our inverter based TIG equipment allows our welding staff to precisely control the weld pattern and profile. Argon gas shields the weld pool during the welding process. This creates welds whose strength is unmatched, ensuring years of carefree enjoyment.

All Weather Cushions

Suncoast cushions are uniquely designed for each collection. However, all cushions share Suncoast’s water resistant construction utilizing SMS fabric. We use a combination of varying densities of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber wrap to fill seat cushions. Foam provides years of durability and seating comfort. To prevent water intrusion into the stuffing materials, we cover the stuffing with a sewn jacket of SMS fabric. Spunbond / Meltblown / Spunbond polypropylene fabric allows air to pass through but stops water penetration, keeping the stuffing materials dry. The direct benefit is that cushions can be left on the furniture in the rain. Simply wipe the surface of the cushions with a dry towel, and the cushions are ready for immediate use. SMS fabrics also protect the stuffing materials in cushion backs and pillows.

All Weather Cushion Filling

Individual Comfort & Style

Six seating modes: Cast, cushion, sling, vinyl strap, basket weave vinyl strap, and resin wicker, all designed to provide comfort, and to match the décor of every property.  We now offer fully upholstered outdoor furniture with our Summer and Vectra Breeze collections.  Our styles arrange from the most modern to traditional, with plenty of transitional styles in between.  Mix and match our collections for dining, lounge, bar, gathering, and beachside use.

Comfortable Seating Lumbar Support

Comfortable Seating Built into Every Frame

Our designs feature a gentle curve in each chair back, ergonomically designed to provide lumbar and shoulder support for comfortable seating. Our lumbar support is lower and deeper than our competitors, providing hours of seating comfort.