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How to Create a Profitable Restaurant Patio Space

Outdoor dining has become an integral element of a profitable restaurant. As the restrictions on coronavirus quarantine are loosening and restaurants are returning to normalcy, the public is looking forward to outdoor dining more than ever.

Now is the time to invest in a restaurant patio. All it takes is the right outdoor furniture, a solid budget and an outdoor patio design.

1. Check Restaurant Patio Laws and Regulations

Consider local restaurant patio laws and regulations. Each state or country has unique local, state or federal regulations. Check for required permits and guidelines regarding restaurants or bar patios.

2. Utilize Outdoor Dining Operations During Coronavirus Limitations

Whether planning to re-open or begin an exclusively outdoor restaurant after the coronavirus, check outdoor dining rules with local officials before designing an outdoor patio.

Certain COVID-19 safety rules could include:

3. Get Covered

Place shades and shelter over outdoor restaurant patios. Whether on a hot summer day or during a passing rain shower, shade options ensure customers stay dry and comfortable while dining outside. Shade and shelter options include:

4. Pre-Plan the Layout

Envision an ideal patio and pre-plan its layout. Determine a desired ambiance and begin designing. 

5. Create a Full-Service Patio Bar

Outdoor bars attract customers. A full-service bar can bring in high profits, especially on warm summer nights.

6. Implement Inviting Fabrics and Frames

Get creative by incorporating inviting fabrics. Colorfully designed frames and fabrics add warmth and coziness to outdoor dining areas. From classically designed rugs to rustic tablecloths, experiment with the many options.

Summer Upholstered


7. Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

While outdoor patios depend on the weather, there are ways to promote business operation when the forecast is not ideal.

8. Prevent Pests from Invading

Pests are harmful and damaging to both indoor and outdoor restaurant settings.

9. Select the Right Patio Furniture

Choose patio furniture that delivers funtionality, desired aesthetics and comfort. 

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10. Additional Tips

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