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Suncoast Furniture resin wicker material is made from high density polyethylene, proven to last for years in outdoor exposure. Extruded aluminum frames won’t rust and can be used anywhere, even the harshest seaside environments.

Suncoast’ Furniture wicker collections are sturdy, durable, natural look, aesthetically pleasing for your resorts, hotels and restaurants outdoor spaces.

Custom Wicker Outdoor Furniture Advantages

Aesthetically pleasing for indoor and outdoor use

You can never go wrong with wicker furniture, it comes with many sizes, design and styles that will compliment your style. Suncoast Furniture have the best wicker collections available for any style you’d like. 

Easily Maintained

Wicker furniture can be easily maintained by removing excess debris like fallen leaves and branches to prevent build up. Make sure that excess water is also removed, water may cause mold and rotting. Let it dry quickly by placing it in a sunny and has a plenty of airflow environment.

Lightweight material

Suncoast Furniture‘s wicker collection is hand woven over aluminum frames. Aluminum is a naturally light and strong metal that’s also recyclable. Our foam filling provides luxurious seating comfort and long lasting resilience. The foam cores are sewn into envelopes made from water resistant fabrics.

This keeps the foam core dry even during rain. We use outdoor rated fabrics made from acrylic and olefin fibers that are soft to the touch but tough enough to survive the summer sun and rain.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture for Resorts, Hotels and Restaurants




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Suncoast Outdoor Patio Furniture is handcrafted in the U.S.A. using the finest materials, latest manufacturing techniques and skilled craftsmanship. We offer a wide range of outdoor furniture to suit unique needs, tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

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