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Restaurants, cafes, and bars all have a unique concept that sets them apart from their many competitors. In our opinion, your restaurant’s design is distinctive as well. Custom furniture is a need for every restaurant that wants to stand out from the crowd.

You want your target market, and especially your customers, to be able to distinguish you from your competition in a positive way, whether you are operating a fast-food restaurant, a casual restaurant, or a fine dining restaurant. Here’s a look at why you might require unique restaurant furniture:

Unique style

One of the most significant plus points for restaurants is that custom furniture can fit into their unique style. If you want to make sure the interior design of your restaurant fits in with your brand, customising furniture can help you achieve that goal. It can be challenging to source different furniture pieces that complement each other. You can get around this problem by building multiple pieces. 


While it may be quicker to buy ready-made furniture, in the long run, it could prove to be an impractical approach. Often, restaurant and bar owners are looking for specific functions such as space-saving designs or booth-style seating. With custom furniture, these specific requirements can easily be met.


Working directly with furniture makers gives you the added layer of assurance that the products will be built to last. Investing the money and time into this collaborative approach pays back in terms of high-quality and longevity. 

Customizable Restaurant / Cafe / Bar Furniture

Architects, designers, restaurants, cafes, and buying agents may all benefit from the restaurant collection from Suncoast Furniture by getting a custom-made piece of furniture with a distinct design and color scheme only for their project.

Restaurant and cafe seating is the primary focus of the dining chairs, barstools, and tables that have been properly created and defined in size. You have a wide variety of choices to pick from with two frames, three seat and back patterns, and 15 frame colors to choose from!

Suncoast Barstools

Custom Laser Cut Logos & Patterns Available!

suncoast Custom Laser Cut Logos & Pattern

Back Patterns

Customizable Restaurant / Cafe / Bar Furniture - Back Patterns

Seat Patterns

Customizable Restaurant / Cafe / Bar Furniture - Seat Patterns


Customizable Restaurant / Cafe / Bar Furniture - chairs

Bar Stools

Customizable Restaurant / Cafe / Bar Furniture - Barstools


Customizable Restaurant / Cafe / Bar Furniture - Tables

For more tables options please visit our collection.

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