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Most of the time, people find themselves exhausted after a getaway. And the key is making sure that their spa escapade is entirely relaxing.  A well-designed spa hotel can help travelers focus purely on time-out and help them physically recharge from their last trip. Make sure your hotel or spa provides everything from a tailored wellness journey to relaxed lounging in a hot tub. Read the tips below to ensure your spa hotels attract more clients.

spa or hot tub

Spa or Hot Tub

When you decide on adding hot tubs, consider choosing one that illuminates. With chic lighting solutions, the tubs can use any time of the day.

An enticing glimmer will level up the ambiance instantly. It will surely be a great complement if you’re looking for garden party ideas in your hotel. You can also add a seating space with Chaise Lounges in your garden, complete with a restful fire pit, for the top alfresco delightful zone.

waterfall spa

Water Fall

If you’re heading to establish a water element in your hotel or spa, why not place it in the grand doorway? It can be a high-profile area where everyone can appreciate it. That’s what drives entryway water features so famous. 



There is no doubt that flowers are the fundamental element that comes to mind when considering entrances that wow. But, it’s a lot significant to say that not all hotel entry landscaping ideas have to be about flowers. There are further ways to make an attractive entranceway without flowers.

You can also use rock in your entrance arrangement which will never go out of style. Rock is always going to look like a realistic and adorable addition to your entrance design.

fire pit

Fire Pit

Guests mostly desire the experience of watching the evening sky and the stars while unwinding with a drink or sharing a meal. A square outdoor fire pit can be advantageous since it produces the illusion of delineated areas where guests can have solitude. 

Staggering outdoor fire pits on a spa or hotel veranda space allow keeping each area private so guests can feel relaxed and at home. Utilizing the shape of the concrete fire pit to convert a sitting area helps assemble a focal point with excellent furniture arrangement. 

Inside the Sauna


Retain things that appear woodsy. Saunas traditionally have wood interior design because wood doesn’t keep as much heat as other materials like stone and tile, causing it to be comfier to sit on in a warmed space. 

Suncoast Furniture Vectra Sling
Vectra Sling Collections Chaise Lounge

Outdoor Furniture

Colors play an important role in the hospitality enterprise since it has a psychological effect on people. Because of this, when designing an outdoor area of a hotel or spa, pay special attention to shades.

For a hotel or spa’s outdoor spaces, you can also add Recliners which are natural, earthy tones that go from warm, mellow cream colors to deep, rusty reds and luxurious intense black-browns – deeper colors being more on-trend than their lighter versions.

Seascape Sling

Transform Your Hotel or Spa with Suncoast Furniture

Outstanding hotels or spas give convenience and an overall positive experience to every hotel guest. Also, your general hotel design should serve the purpose of making your hotel feel more personal and welcoming to the guests. Make sure the materials and color palette picked are right for your space and the style you want for it will make the area visually soothing, too.

When you’re in search of unique and sturdy products for your hotel or spa, consider reliable and cost-effective options from Suncoast Outdoor Patio Furniture. We will provide you with certified praiseworthy furniture in the U.S.A. using the best materials, latest manufacturing techniques, and skilled craftsmanship. We offer a wide range of outdoor furniture to suit unique needs, tastes, lifestyles, and budgets.

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