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What is a chaise? What what is a chaise, and where can you find one? ides full body support. In order to get the most out of your chaise lounge, it should have an adjustable backrest.

If you have a pool, resort, or condominium, a chaise lounge is an excellent piece of outdoor furniture to have. The form of an outdoor chaise lounge is great for relaxing or snoozing because of its full-body support and tilted back. You can sunbathe while keeping an eye on your children playing around in the pool if you place a few chaise lounge chairs near it.

Because a chaise lounge sits lower to the ground than a normal rocking rocker or bench, it’s ideal for relaxing outside.

Guide to Buying a Chaise Lounge

1. Check the Chaise Lounge is the Right Chair for the Guests

Things to Consider

2. Material for Chaise Lounges

Softwoods, hardwoods, teak, cast aluminum, and wicker are all common materials for chaise lounges in today’s market. Let’s use the following criteria to compare these materials:

Suncoast Sanibel Sling Chaise Lounge

Suncoast Furniture Pool Chaises Ponte Vedra Beach

Royal Blue


Navy Blue

Madras Tweed Surf

Dapione Poolside


Augustine Oasis

Straw Mat Blue

Suncoast Furniture frames are prepared using our exclusive multi stage Platinum Bond™ finishing process. Platinum Bond™ incorporates state of the art equipment and techniques with powder coat finishes. Suncoast warranties our Platinum Bond™ finish for 3 years

Why Choose Suncoast Sling Outdoor Furniture?

Comfortable Seating Built into Every Frame

Our designs feature a gentle curve in each chair back, ergonomically designed to provide lumbar and shoulder support for comfortable seating. Our lumbar support is lower and deeper than our competitors, providing hours of seating comfort.

To discover more about customize chaise lounge furniture, call Suncoast Furniture at 239-488-1444 or connect with us online today. You can also visit our dealers all over The USA.