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Florida residents live for sunshine, sandy beaches, and salt-infused sea breeze coming off ocean waters.  The advantage that we do have in Florida is that we can seamlessly create the ultimate outdoor living space to take advantage of some of the most beautiful climates in the world. Sure, it gets a little steamy during the summer months, but there is nothing like the coolness of crisp fall air as you step out onto your patio and enjoy an evening with family and friends.

If you’re able to start thinking about the outdoors (or always looking ahead to warmer months), right now is the perfect time to get a head start on your porch and patio upgrades for 2022. Whether you’re just working ahead or you’re ready to start researching patio furniture and fire features for the outdoors, there are a few trends to keep in mind in the new year.

To help you craft your perfect (and perfectly on-trend) outdoor space, we turned to the experts for their read on what to expect next in outdoor design.

1. Patio Umbrellas and Canopies

Nobody loves a sunburn, and this is why in order to ensure that everybody can enjoy long hours out in the sun without putting their skin at risk, ample shade coverage is a must for any patio.  If you don’t want a permanent structure or have the budget for one, a great alternative for providing shade is a patio umbrella. This is also the perfect equipment for homeowners who don’t have a large yard. Aside from taking up little space, it is also portable and can be easily stored.

Patio Umbrellas and Canopies

Providing comfortable places to sit and engage in conversation, eating, and television watching will justify your use of this outdoor space nearly year round. Outdoor furniture has improved greatly in recent years; with comfortable design, durability to withstand inclement weather, and attractive colors and styles, you’ll wonder why it has to be kept outdoors. Whether you buy individual pieces or an outdoor living space package, providing this extra level of comfort and opulence will have you using this space more than your indoor living room.

Outdoor Furniture in Florida

Chaise Lounge is ideal for relaxing by a sauna or pool, a chaise gives you the opportunity to stretch out comfortably. They offer full-body support and an angled back, making them the logical destination for sunbathing, reading a good book, or watching your kiddos splash nearby.

Sanibel Strap Collection

4. Fire Tables

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are an ever-popular element in outdoor living spaces. They’re also a timeless design feature. In fact, gathering around dancing flames is a timeless tradition, and the crackling conversation, calming effect and perhaps some toasty marshmallows are pretty nice too.

fire table

5. Outdoor Kitchen

Floridians have the luxury of being able to cook outdoors, virtually year round. Installing an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area will bring the party outside and make way for some delicious meals and heart-warming fellowship with loved ones. A few well-placed appliances that blend well with surrounding landscaping make your utilitarian kitchen seem like it was always meant to be. Now all you have to do is find some equally impressive recipes to try in your outdoor space.

Built-in grill at the private deck

6. Add a Hammock

Speaking of ample seating, decorating with enough pool furniture for guests is essential to ensure you’re using your pool area to capacity. One twist on seating sure to introduce an element of luxury? A hammock.

Ideal for reading, napping, or any other relaxing summer activity, hammocks have transformational potential when integrated into your outdoor decorating scheme.


7. Outdoor Lighting

It’s a time to plan warm-weather, host barbeques, take picnics and attend weddings and birthday parties in our Porch or patio. What better way to showcase and protect your home than to install durable outdoor lighting.

Summer brings enjoyable weather and socialization but also an increase in home burglaries, drowning and other pool-related accidents. Well-lit paths and outdoor areas provide peace of mind to a homeowner.

Outdoor lighting

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