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Suncoast Furniture offers luxury patio furniture for every outdoor area. Suncoast’s furniture is handcrafted in the U.S.A. combining the finest materials, the latest manufacturing techniques and skilled craftsmanship. From design to finished product, Suncoast’s goals of comfort and durability are achieved.

1. Contemplate the Weather Impact

Determine local weather conditions in the area. Is it sunny all year-round? Does the area experience hurricanes? Tailor fabric and furniture choices around the climate where you live.

2. Define the Ideal Environment

Discover ideal aesthetics and keep them in consideration when selecting outdoor furniture choices. 

3. Plan for Ease of Movement

Consider how often you plan to reposition outdoor furniture. Planning to keep furniture in the same place year round? Something heavier might be best.

4. Consider Maintenance

Choose between furniture that requires regular maintenance or is entirely maintenance free. Some materials, like aluminum, are completely maintenance free and can be left outside all year. Others, like iron, are likely to rust and require routine maintenance.

5. Research Manufacturers Early

Begin researching manufacturers as soon as possible. Luxury outdoor furniture takes time to manufacture, especially with large scale ordering.

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Since 1982, Suncoast Furniture has provided high-quality outdoor furniture to residential spaces and commercial businesses including hotels, restaurants, and resorts throughout Florida. We offer a wide range of outdoor furniture to suit every need, taste and lifestyle.

Suncoast Furniture is handcrafted in the U.S.A using the finest materials, latest manufacturing techniques and most skilled craftsmanship.

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