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Having space for outdoor patio furniture is a luxury. Transform your outdoor space into a warm and pleasant living space to enjoy with Suncoast Furniture.

1. Position Long Furniture Adjacent to a Wall

Patio furniture placement should be strategic, especially with limited space. Placing longer furniture along walls can help determine a focal point which will assist in complimenting furniture and accessory placement.

2. Consider Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical outdoor patio arrangements are casual, eccentric and lax. Symmetrical arrangements are more formal and style-conducive.

Due to potential outdoor space limitations, selecting patio furniture should complement the ambiance and mood you’re creating while complementing the space

3. Choose a Focal Point

The focal point is the center of an outdoor space. Think of the patio center or main gathering space. Complimenting furniture should be positioned away from or surrounding the focal point.

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