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Vinyl Strap Chaise Lounge vs Sling Chaise Lounge Buyer's Guide

This infographic answers frequently asked queries about comparing vinyl strap chaise lounges to sling fabric chaise loungers. Which is the most powerful? What is more relaxing? What is the most affordable? What’s more, what’s more fashionable?

Suncoast Furniture in Fort Myers, Florida carries a large selection of commercial pool and patio furniture, such as vinyl strap chairs and sling patio chairs. To make your final selection, contact our expert staff with any questions you may have.


Phyfer sling fabrics are woven from durable, resilient PVC-coated polyester yarns that mean the fabric performs beautifully in all kinds of weather, is water resistant, and can also withstand UV rays.

2 inches wide,1/8 inch thick, and 100%virgin vinyl.This virgin vinyl is specially formulated to remain color fast and mildew resistant in the most severe climates for many years.

Though sling does a good job, vinyl strap is a considerably thicker material that gives it a significant advantage in strength. The cross weave vinyl strap has vertical straps crossing into horizontal straps to form a net for added support.


Several horizontal straps with a semi-elastic feel.

Sling fabric is a tightly woven plastic thread that is normally given some slack by the frame.

Sling, with its total coverage, wins over the several separate straps. One type of cloth allows weight to be distributed uniformly throughout the entire surface of the chair. This results in fewer skim imprints and improved overall support. Consider investing in relaxing sling furniture for greater hammock-style comfort.


Vinyl Strap is known to be, on average, about 25% cheaper than Sling Fabric.


The Vinyl Strap includes the possibility of adding an accent strap, while the Sling Fabric has additional personalization options. For visual attractiveness, most hotels and resorts prefer Sling over Strap.

As you can see, both Sling Fabric and Vinyl Strap have their pros and cons. Your choice is heavily influenced by your budget and the style of your business.

Sanibel Strap Collections Chaise Lounge

Vinyl Strap would be best choice:

If you’re looking to quickly fill a large area while fitting a budget, we recommend Vinyl Strap.

Sanibel Sling Chaise Lounge

Sling Fabric would be best choice:

When only the best will do, or if you only require a few chairs, we recommend Sling Fabric.

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